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Pastures of Tender Grass

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The Old Testament story of Mephibosheth, the grandson of King Saul, is summoned to the palace of the new king, David. What does David want with him in Jerusalem? Perhaps he is being summoned to his death as a potential rival to the throne. And what part does King Saul's former servant play in all this? Prince Jonathan, the young man's father, and king David's best friend had died in battle many years before, the same day that the young man became crippled in both legs. Living in a place of great poverty, perhaps God was about to bless the young man far beyond his wildest dreams. Author Charles Millson brings the reader into this intriguing and exciting Bible story, as Mephibosheth witnesses King David at the height of his power and as he meets the woman who would change his life forever, Bathsheba. Palace intrigue, murders, revenge, but most of all, the blessings and mercy of God are all found in these pages. And the story poses the question: Could this young man be the inspiration for one of the scripture's most beloved passages, Psalm 23? Included in the book are maps, a timeline, a genealogy, and a description of each main character, as well as the author's notes on the background of the story.

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