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Priced Out of Love: Part IV (Cynthia's Story): Priced Out of Love, #4

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Ever since she’d escaped a brutal marriage years ago, Cynthia was proud of the way she’d taken control of her life. Although many would look down on her choice of profession as a high-priced escort, it was a conscious decision she’d made after leaving a battered woman’s shelter childless, broke, alone and terrified.. Her ex had literally beaten her baby out of her – the only thing that had given her the courage to leave him; he’d taken from her. 

Without even a high school diploma and no job skills, she’d taken a hard look as she stood on that sidewalk with all the belongings she had in the world in stuffed into one plastic bag. As she’d explained to her best friend Lisa one day: 

“I asked myself, ‘What is the quickest way to make a lot of money so I’ll never have to be poor, and feel alone and afraid and/or dependent on a man again?’ And the most honest answer came to me. Sell pussy. I knew I didn’t wanna be a street walker, so I went to an internet café, looked up call girl and escort agencies, interviewed with several of them, and within a week, I’d earned more on one date than I had on any other job in two months – ever.’” 

Cynthia hadn’t looked back. She made no apologies for her life, because nobody had to pay her bills but her when they came due but her. And besides, she dealt with very few people. She’d found that very few of them were worth a damn anyway. That is, until she’d met Lisa. They couldn’t have been more different, but they’d forged a friendship over the last couple of years that she knew she’d have or the rest of her life. In actuality, they were more like sisters than friends. 

And the friendship couldn’t have come at a better time for Lisa. To let Lisa tell it, Cynthia been her rock through a divorce, eventual re-marriage, and almost-affair. She would have done anything for Lisa and her daughter. She’d even endured an attack engineered by Lisa’s ex-husband that had put her in the hospital. Cynthia had endured worst, and it had only made the bond between the two women stronger. 

Now that her best friend was happily settled into her marriage – a millionaire that Cynthia had introduced her to --- it seemed like all the unhappiness she’d been through over the last couple of years had come to pay a visit on Cynthia. And it had taken up resident; it wasn’t about to leave anytime soon. 

Cynthia finds her world turned upside down all because of one man -- no-nonsense restauranteur Richie Jacobs. At 7’ and 300-plus pounds of solidi muscle, he was exactly Cynthia’s type. A curvy woman, she liked men who made her feel feminine and small and protected. Richie checked all those boxes. There just weren’t that many men walking around who built like him. I t was why Cynthia had let her guard down enough to allow him in her bed in the first place. 

She’d soon discovered that he was more than a fulfilling fuck – which was all she thought she wanted from him. Just the thought of him got her juices flowing. But the thing was, he was too good to be true outside of the bedroom also. But if there was one thing Cynthia knew, it was men. She knew the good, the bad and the ugly -- especially the bad and the ugly. And as for the good, to her mind, if he was seemed good to be true, then he was. 

Love schmove – yeah, it all starts out great. And hell, it may even last. But I wouldn’t bet my future on it, not with more than 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce. It’s a gamble for any woman and the stakes are just too damn high to lose.

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