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Zara’s Adventure In the Stars

36 pages7 minutes


When Zara sees a strange, flashing blue light flying around her yard, she decides to chase it and have fun. Then the blue light turns into a little blue boy!

The boy invites Zara on an exciting journey to another planet. Zara travels with him on his spaceship to his home planet, waving to the earth and the sun and all the other planets as she passes by. On the new planet, Zara meets many more blue people who welcome her and are glad to see her. She visits a park, where she sees a butterfly and plays games with all the little blue children. She also visits a beautiful lake filled with a million jewels. When it’s time to go home, the little blue boy tells Zara she may visit again any time she wishes.

With vivid imagery and lively colors, this children’s story tells the tale of a little girl’s journey to another world, where she learns about love and acceptance.

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