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Mail Order Bride: The Irish Runaway

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Thinking that she'd put her runaway days behind her, Shannon Barry finds herself on the run again. Heading to San Francisco and traveling under another woman's name, she wonders if she's made the biggest mistake of her life. Thinking that playing the part of a mail order bride would be the answer to her prayers, Shannon finds out too late that she's heading toward a man who doesn't even want her. Knowing there's no going back, she finally meets her husband to be, Dominic Campbell.
Tall, clean shaven with sparkling blue eyes, he's everything she's looking for in a husband. The only problem is Dominic has other plans in mind and none of them include her.
Can Shannon prove to Dominic that she's the girl of his dreams - or will coming clean on her identity ruin everything for her? Is Shannon always destined to be an Irish runaway? Discover all these answers now by downloading a copy. If you're looking for a mail order bride western romance to get swept away in, you've come to the right place.

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