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First Time, But will it be the Last Kill?

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Devin Jones had a one-night stand with one of her police academy classmates, Amanda Graham, fifteen years ago. Devin wanted to take it to another level, but Amanda didn’t want that. The next morning, Amanda claimed that what they shared last night didn’t mean a damn thing and Devin better not mention it again. Amanda swore she was into men, not women. Her staunch denial of the romantic night they shared hurt Devin deeply. As time passed, Devin’s pain lessened.

Now Devin learns she’s been assigned as the lead investigator in a high-profile murder case in Lieutenant Amanda Graham’s homicide unit. One of the mayor’s wealthy campaign supporters was murdered in an alleyway that is mainly used by prostitutes and their johns. Amanda’s superiors want the case cleared yesterday. They don’t care how she does it. The only problem is her detectives have no leads, no suspects, and no motive. All they have is a victim’s corpse with someone’s bodily fluids in every orifice. Can Devin and Amanda work together long enough to solve the case or will old hurts rear their ugly heads and make the resolution impossible?

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