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Guard My Body Book 1

44 pages37 minutes


Tess Dawson and Angela Tramer are best friends and college roommates. Tess is reserved and shy and Angela is the wildest and most popular girl in school. Angela is known for her zany adventures and for dragging all her friends to go along whether they want to or not.

One night after a lengthy study session for a midterm, Tess is all set to take a long deserved nap. But Angela has other ideas. She drags Tess and a few friends to the best bar on campus for a night of wicked fun and debauchery.  But for Angela the fun will not last…

Tess is suddenly awakened at four in the morning with a phone call from Angela, who claims she has been kidnapped and is in fear for her life. Before Angela can tell Tess any details about where she might be the line goes dead.

Tess runs to the local police station to report the incident where she meets tough and sexy Detective Roy Hill, who agrees to take her case. As the romance between them blooms, they find themselves running out of time. Will they find Angela in time? 

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