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The Mystery of Grandpa's Christmas Cane

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“Yes, Christian.”

“Why do you have a special cane for Christmas?”

And so begins the mystery. What was so special about Grandpa’s Christmas cane that had little Christian so curious? As with many Christian Christmas books, this small book is based on special experiences I’d had with my own father and grandfather. It’s a quick read in the Christian Christmas Books for Children category and is perfect for a sweet-dreams bedtime story. The end of the story focuses on Jesus in a heartwarming way as children’s Christmas Christian fiction should. Guaranteed, the children who read this short book or those who have it read to them will never think of a cane . . . or candy cane . . . in the same way ever again.

What others have said about this little book:

“Nice concise story giving the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, I, a 77 year old grandpa, cried as I read. Wonderful!”   --Bob F.

“I found this story to be touching and beautiful. It was a joy to the end and well worth the read. The feeling of a blissful exchange of love between two family members brings an everlasting moment to remember. “The Mystery of Grandpa's Christmas” really touches one's heart.  :)”   --Margie C.

“How I enjoyed reading this story! As a grandmother of two little boys, I desire to love and instruct them in fun, spontaneous ways, and Grandpa has! :0)  I enjoyed how the candy cane is used to help explain the love our Good Shepherd, Jesus, has for us! This will be a delightful book to share with my grandsons!”   --Sharon M.

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