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A Circle of Murders

324 pages5 hours


Beaten, raped and a witness to murder, Sarra Gray is on the run from a killer. Sarra has something he wants, and he is determined to find her no matter how long it takes. And he does find her in a small Kentucky town. This time Sarra is not alone. She is forced to run with her daughter, Amanda, and best friend, Pearl Ann Burke, to Half Moon Bay, Florida.
Jarrett Blackwell has also been searching for Sarra. He wants to know how she was involved in the murder of his mother. Now a Half Moon Bay Homicide Detective, Jarrett is surprised to find Sarra in his town and practically on his doorstep. Sarra’s past has caught up with her, and she is forced to stop running and take a stand to protect the people she loves. Together, Jarrett and Sarra must face the past and stop two killers bent on destroying them both.

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