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Christin Claire Cosby's life was shortened before her 20th birthday, but she left a legacy of love, friendship, and character from her contacts with everyone who met her. This book follows her life from her first day of cheerleader tryouts as a freshman in high school. As her English teacher, I thought that I knew Christin, but in writing this book with her mother, I learned about a beautifully spirited, kind, gentle, generous, loving young woman. Every mother and every teenage girl should read this book and learn from it.

In addition to telling her story, the book also contains her artwork and loving tributes from those who knew and loved her. After her death, strange events happened which make us question what exactly happens when we leave this world.

2/3rds of the profits of this book go to the scholarship fund which her parents established in her name. You will laugh and cry and wish that you'd known Christin too!

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