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Macaw Island

Length: 292 pages4 hours


Two very different women call idyllic Macaw Island home...

Savita Ramotar - Beautiful, intelligent, sweet-natured and loyal. After a painful breakup leaves this budding Horticulturalist disillusioned and heartbroken, she swears off of love until a chance encounter with a handsome tourist ignites a spark within her.

Shanti Patel - Stunning, crafty, vindictive and jealous. With a heart as black as her hair, this femme fatale uses her abundant feminine charms to bend men to her will, and her next target is none other than Savita’s new love interest.

When greedy outsiders threaten the future of the island, the two women find themselves on opposing sides, and their loyalties are put to the test when Savita's father, Vickram, is kidnapped. Will these former childhood friends learn to put aside their differences in order to save Vickram or will old hurts and painful memories jeopardize his fate?

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