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While on a routine orbital mission, Captain Raymond Greye and the crew of the spaceship Endeavor pass through what appears to be a temporal anomaly.

On the other side, Endeavor’s crew discovers a strange world in the place of the earth they had once known. It is a world that none of them could have ever imagined: A prehistoric earth inhabited by dinosaurs, huge mammalian beasts, flying creatures and, much to Greye’s surprise, ten foot-tall human natives who don’t seem to have a word for “death” in their vocabulary. All seems idyllic in this Eden, but what contamination has Endeavor’s crew brought with them? Can they ever find their way back home? And what of the sinister evil that lurks in the wilderness beyond?

Now the crew finds themselves on a trajectory into the unknown that will not only change their lives forever but will also reshape a world for all eternity. That is, unless Greye can somehow set things right.

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