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AKHADYA (NO FOOD/ PROHIBITED FOOD/ FOOD with BAD TASTE) how those are prepared and under what circumstances those can be eaten despite of some reservation due to different reasons, from taste of food to timing of taking those meals/snacks, mental block about some food etc.
I started my cooking expedition from an early age of 4(four). I would not have believed this, but my only sister, who is seven year younger than I, when she was born, my mother did not go to kitchen for a month or so, as a custom prevalent in those days in rural part of Assam, I could prepare meals for all the family members without any help or instruction from any corner. With a corollary to this fact, clearly in my own memory, I think, my mother might be truthful, that I had started my cooking journey at the tender age of 4. I still wonder how my family used to eat those akhadya (no food), cooked by this lesser mortal. Remember that in those days, we did not have any gas stove etc in our family. We had to cook with wooden and bamboo sticks only.

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