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Incubus Stories Vol. 1: Demons, Dragons and Wolves, Oh My!

Length: 82 pages1 hour


This 4-in-1 collection is a must-have for fans of paranormal and fantasy erotic romance! Four sexy shorts of hungry incubi getting their fill, featuring werewolves, demons, dragons and humans as their partners...


Thane is a young incubus on the prowl for his next meal. His worries that he will have to settle for yet another unsatisfying encounter are blown away when he meets Brandon, a rugged man exuding the type of energy Thane finds irresistible.

Thane isn’t the only one with a secret, however— Brandon is a werewolf. And he’s not happy when he realizes he’s being preyed upon by another creature of the night. Of course, Brandon’s plan to assert his dominance over Thane proves to be intensely satisfying for the both of them...


Kalen is an incubus working in the tavern of his isolated valley town. The monotony of his everyday life changes when he hears about a mysterious traveler who seems to be more than human. The second Zander approaches him, Kalen knows he's unlike anyone he's ever met before. Regal, gorgeous, and powerful, Zander is deeply tempting fare for any incubus.

An invitation to have dinner together turns into something more when Zander reveals his true self: a demon making a visit from the otherworldly realm. And he's looking to have some fun.

"An earthly incubus like you... would surely work for a meal like this, yes?"

How could Kalen say anything other than yes?


After receiving a letter from his cousin asking for a favor, Lionel finds himself alone in her large mansion with the duty of watching her pet dragon, Zeke. Though Lionel is not exactly human himself, he is unsure how to deal with an intelligent creature who can speak back to him. When night falls, a mysterious man appears at his door, and reveals himself to be Zeke. What's more, after hearing that Lionel will soon need to feed, he's insistent on having sex with him!

Lionel finds it hard to refuse Zeke— he's gorgeous, full of energy and, most importantly, enthusiastic to give Lionel whatever he wants. Once Lionel overcomes his hang-ups about having sex with a dragon, he decides to make the most of having Zeke at his beck and call...


Vincent was an incubus serving as a courtesan in a mainland court when he met Luis years ago. Infatuated with him, Luis took Vincent back to his small island nation, where Vincent now enjoys a wealthy life in Luis's mansion as his live-in lover. Unfortunately for Vincent, Luis has a penchant for taking frequent sea voyages, leaving Vincent alone with a steadily growing appetite.

Though used to Luis's absences and compliant with his rule of exclusivity, Vincent is frustrated when his master's return home is delayed by bad weather. Luis finally comes back from the three-week-long voyage to find a very irritated, very hungry incubus waiting for his meal.

And Luis had better satisfy him well.

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