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The Alien Star Chamber

401 pages5 hours


A new novel with two high quality science fiction horror action-packed novelettes of explorers encountering mind-bending aliens/entities from beyond the boundaries of space and time!
In the first, Ice Station X1, something has buried itself deep beneath the ice near an Antarctic ice station! Something of inconceivable alien origins emerged out of space and crashed at a tremendous velocity and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it first! They uncover a deadly mind-bending supernatural voyager and try to make contact with it! How dangerous is it and could it affect the entire future of the world?
In the second, The Martian Antarctica Discovery, astronauts crash at the Antarctica on Mars after an encounter with an unidentified force, which leaves them marooned there with something hideous! Something is buried away on Mars! Something hideous with tremendous powers, as ancient as the universe, has been waiting on their arrival on Mars since the beginning of the universe!

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