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Starriders #1: Dragon Fire

185 pages2 hours


Dragon Fire
The hot new designer narcotic flooding the West Coast. It promises to take its user to the height of ecstasy, but leaves the abuser dead in a pool of their own blood.

The Golden Dragon
The enigmatic man who developed Dragon Fire. Powerful, cunning, relentless, brutal, unforgiving. For years he has remained elusive and untouched by numerous bodies of law enforcement.

Until now...
A handful of strong young men are about to unintentionally throw in their gauntlet and wage battle against this deadly foe. With the help of their enigmatic mentor, Nick James, and an overly-rambunctious A.I., they'll lay everything on the line to put an end to the Golden Dragon's reign of Fire.

More of them may die before it's all over.

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