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Uncovering The Truth

487 pages6 hours


Brooke Carter knows exactly who she is:  a native Californian, the daughter of a professor and a librarian, a teacher who is about to complete her first year of teaching in Madison, Wisconsin, where she moved after graduation.

So why, when asked her name after receiving a head injury, does she want to answer Claire? She doesn't know anybody named Claire.

The name continues to haunt her, and reoccurring dreams make her think she was once someone else. Is this a result of her head injury, or could Claire be real?

Brooke hires a detective to look into her past. Adam North, too thorough an investigator to accept the readily available answers, keeps digging for a connection between Brooke and the mysterious Claire, and finds one that shows Brooke's entire life was made up of secrets, lies, and deception.

Whether she is Brooke or Claire, one thing is certain: Adam has won her heart. But is Adam the man she thinks he is?

Uncovering The Truth is a romance with a twist of mystery, set in Madison, Wisconsin, and Charleston, South Carolina.  Grab your copy and start reading today.

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