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Mail Order Brides: The Bostonians In Colorado With Their Cowboys (A Pair Of Clean Western Romances)

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Mail Order Bride: The Boston Bride & Her Texas Cowboy & His Black Sheep Twin Brother - A woman corresponds with a man then decides to become his mail order bride but he shows up at her mother’s dress shop while she’s out. Although it’s very sudden they get married and at first, do not like each other at all. He drags her off to Colorado to look for his lost twin brother, then after that, they plan to return to his ranch in Texas. Before they can settle down, however, the brother’s past misdeeds have to be dealt with.

Mail Order Bride: The Boston Widow – Three Peas In A Pod - The neighbor of a Boston widow tells her about his nephew in Colorado who is a widower, and how he could really use the company and help of a good woman. She decides to take a chance on love and move there, but after sensing the rancher doesn’t really want her to stay, she packs her bags.

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