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A MouseKeeper Christmas: The Beginning Coloring Book

35 pages2 minutes


This coloring book is a set of the picture book pictures from the paperback and e-book versions of A MouseKeeper Christmas. You can color these any way you wish. Look for the other versions of the book to learn the story behind the pictures. A little known fact about Santa's North Pole establishment, is that the elves have pet mice. This is a crucial bit of data for this story about a six year old heroine, Sara, who solved Santa’s toy production problems and saved Christmas. The pet mice were originally supposed to test the toys but now end up destroying way too many. And the Naughty Lists are drying up. Santa has a problem. The North Pole toy factory just can't produce enough toys unless something changes. Santa sends out a contest looking for solutions and Sara's idea wins. Now they struggle to implement the solution. How does Sara solve Santa's problems? With Data. The book demonstrates how data can be used to solve a problem. This book also teaches children how to be MouseKeepers of North Pole mice and provides a fun game to entertain the young ones between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Mouse Night.

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