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Becca Green has the perfect life. She's about to get her Master's degree in Computer Science from Yale, she has amazing friends, and amazing parents. Then Jayden Wright sudden appears, and can't seem to keep his eyes off her, or leave her alone. He starts asking strange questions, and starts telling Becca crazy things-her records are fake, she's adopted, and that her parents are going to sell her to werewolves. The last straw is when she visits her parents and find her father arguing with Jayden!

Then, during a camping trip with her parents at the start of summer break, her cabin is attacked by werewolves, and she learns Jayden was right, because she over hears her father discussing the details with one of the wolves. She escapes with the help of a second set of wolves, and Jayden finds and rescues her. She learns about the existence of wolf shifters and the two different sides: The Garmr, who are after her, and the shifters who want to keep her safe. She meets Jayden's pack-the Plains pack-and learns about them, but is forced to run when the Garmr send a pack after her. The book ends with Becca and Jayden approaching the Creede pack's location.

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