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Small Town Charms: Mystery of the White Witch

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Small Town Charms: Mystery of the White Witch is the first in a series of seven thrilling paranormal romance novels, quick, fun, suspenseful reads each with their own mystery and a serialized romance.

Twenty-something Mandy Flores moves to the tiny mountain town of Big Bear, California, to take a job house sitting the huge, isolated mansion of the ruggedly handsome Clyde Weathers. Her primary duty is watching over his fiancée, Jane, who fell into a coma the day before their wedding, and now lies in the back of the house tethered to machines and dead to the world.

When a mysterious voice starts waking Mandy with calls for help, she's driven to spend more time out on the town with Jessica, the charismatic bad-girl owner of the town's most popular bar. She reveals to Mandy that she is the Dark Witch of Big Bear Mountain, and Mandy is a witch as well: does she want to be her Dark Novice? Mandy agrees, thinking it's all a joke. When Mandy casts a Love Spell on Clyde with Jessica's help on Halloween, she doesn't even mean for it to work, but when Clyde returns to her side for an unforgettable three nights, Mandy's guilt is overwhelming.
And then, his fiancee Jane wakes up.

Mandy has been drawn into a hidden war raging on the mountain between White and Dark magic, and she must take a side. She must untangle the secrets of the dangerous occult world hidden just below the surface of this seemingly perfect small town, or she will never leave the mountain alive.

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