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The Long and the Short of It

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Lisa Smith thought she had it all. She had a big hunky husband who adored her. She had a huge house in the mountains. She had a career writing mystery novels and plenty of money to spare. She didn't realize what was missing until a beautiful buxom blonde adult film actress crossed her path one day while she was stuck on the side of the road with her husband, Dave.

Vicki Starr wasn't just any porn star though. She'd made a small fortune as the best-endowed shemale in all of transsexual porn. Only she'd grown tired of her life in front of the camera, playing with one partner after another, but with no real connection. She wanted more, and petite little Lisa and hunky Dave fit her desires perfectly. Seducing the wife was the easy part, truth be told. As an unrepentant and uncompromising "top" getting Lisa's brawny husband on board, and more importantly, on his knees, was going take a bit more persuasion! Rest assured that the determined and confident actress wouldn't stop until both of them learned to love every inch of her!

The Long and the Short of It is a steamy story that takes a little time to develop the characters, as friendship turns into both lust and affection that engulfs all three characters. Contains some mild cuckold and size-based humiliation themes

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