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Trying To Make Her Dreams Come True (A Boxed Set of Four Mail Order Bride Romances)

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Mail Order Bride: The Overweight Fish Seller From Maine - An overweight woman from Maine is tired of running her father’s fish selling shop and spending her days hacking off fish heads, so she decides to take a chance on love and travels to California and a rancher with three children. It’s an uphill battle to win over his son, and the rancher himself, who she suspects is not pleased with her excess weight or outward appearance.

Mail Order Bride: The Overweight Woman From Maine & The California Cowboy - An overweight woman from back east corresponds with a cowboy out west, and fearing rejection, she does not tell him about her weight. When she arrives, both the cowboy and eventually his children, lead her to believe that it may never work out and that she might not find love in the arms of her wild cowboy.

Mail Order Bride: The Plump Orphan From Philadelphia & The Revenge Seeking Cowboy In Colorado - A plump orphan from Philadelphia decides to help a man in Colorado build an orphanage, or so she thinks, by smuggling gold coins to him. Her fiancé, a cowboy with a small ranch, knows nothing of this and even as he picks her up at the railway station, is on the lookout for the man who killed his father.

Mail Order Bride: The Woman With The Cat, The Native Americans & The Childhood Friend - A woman decides to become a mail order bride when her parents have passed so she joins up with a group of travelers and makes her way out to New Mexico and her cowboy fiancé. Her only companion, a faithful cat, accompanies her. There’s a major incident along the way which delays her journey so much that she forgets how much time has passed, and which also makes her believe that her intended will soon forget all about her.

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