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Scatterbrain! Vol. 1: Brainstorm

41 pages31 minutes


Your eyes are about to bleed! This electrifying volume is turned all the way up to 11 and is guaranteed to singe your brain! These five short stories zap, zing, and zip -- you'll think you're strapped to an electric chair -- as your brain surges with a billion volts of pure insanity! You can plug your finger into a light socket or read this's the same thing.

Suit Jacket: A man buys a jacket and discovers not only a new sense of fashion, but also an unforgettable nightmare.

Bloodbath: They say antiques once lived a past life...even bathtubs.

It's in the Air: Is it a curse?...Magic?...A supernatural case of revenge? Don't be silly! It's all three!

The Price We Pay: Anger ain't cheap! How much you got? Huh? How much?

409.9: If it's's meant to be heard by tune in!

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