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Left Behind

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Mike was a Soldier. His father was a Soldier. His grandfather was a Soldier.

It was his legacy, his lifeblood, and his greatest honor.

After serving two tours in Iraq and suffering one horrific injury, he figured his time in the service was over.

He had a wife and twin girls who he adored. He had a life he always dreamed of having.

But he was a Soldier and when the call comes, you take it.

He didn’t want to leave. His wife was in poor health and he was terrified of what this would do to her.

But he had to go. It was his duty.

Bill struggled with watching Mike go. They had never served without the other. He worried about all of the dangers and he worried about Mike being there without him.

And now the worst was happening.

Mike was missing and Bill had to face what he couldn’t imagine.

Mike was left behind.

Soon everything the adults had tried so hard to hide from their children had to come out in the open. People long buried in the past began to resurface.

Secrets were uncovered and truths were revealed.

It was soon apparent that Mike wasn’t going to be the only one left behind.

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