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Matanzas Moon

242 pages2 hours


Love, intrigue, and the pursuit of Ghosts! All the best things in the afterlife!

Lost in her quarter-life crisis, eccentric Bridget Quinn abandons her Vet School aspirations to open a metaphysical store in St. Augustine, Florida. Adept in Palmistry, Astrology, and Tarot, she discovers her dormant gift of clairvoyance in this notoriously haunted city. Mediumship proves to be a pesky affliction when Bridget’s attempt to help a ghostly visitor implicates her in a series of vicious murders!

Nick Maddox, a ruggedly Adonic but rigorously skeptical cop, investigates the ghastly crimes. Despite their conflicting beliefs, Nick realizes his urges for Bridget extend far beyond his police obligations. Frustrated by the lack of tangible evidence, he finds more questions than answers as he pursues paranormal justice and Bridget’s love.

RIP Ryder, a rakish and rebellious ghost tour guide, helps investigate -- simultaneously complicating Nick and Bridget’s impetuous dance of courtship. Her heart dangling between Nick and RIP, Bridget stumbles into a web of mystery and mayhem. Can they catch the killer before another murder? Exactly how do you handcuff a ghost anyway?

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