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Jennifer’s Magic Books 1–3

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Jennifer Bauer, a seventeen-year-old genius and mage survives boredom during school and magic lessons. Time with her best friend Sarah and her boyfriend Sergei liven her life. Boredom becomes a trivial issue after Sarah is tortured and murdered by Bad Souls—sociopathic mages led by Master Cruptor.

Jennifer fights grief and urges her friend Jason to form a cadre to capture Bad Souls. They capture a few, but Cruptor sets a trap that kills Sergei. Jennifer’s attempt to shut out grief makes her catatonic. A month later, the souls of Sarah and Sergei wake Jennifer and tell her to continue the fight. She regains her fitness, improves her magic, and rejoins the cadre. They capture more Bad Souls, but Cruptor curses Jennifer, Jason, and his friend Dave. The curse causes realistic nightmares with physical or emotional pain. Jennifer’s screams tear her vocal chords. Jason’s cadre joins with a cadre of masters, and they capture five Bad Souls and kill Cruptor. The cure for the curse nightmares dies with him.

Jennifer finds a new type magic. Her studies are interrupted—Dave’s nightmare is destroying him. A Ukrainian doctor has a way to treat the curse. Jennifer is relieved until she learns that the treatment requires a realistic reenactment of the nightmare. Jason’s in her nightmare, so he and Jennifer endure extreme pain to break the curse. Dave refuses treatment and becomes violent before the curse destroys his soul.
Jennifer’s skills with new magic grow exponentially. She meets twelve-year-old Lahni, a genius girl who does the same magic. They instantly become friends and then honorary sisters. The meet often for magic lessons. Their sisterly love becomes intense.

Jennifer creates powerful shields. She adapts them into flying devices that can be invisible. She can locate anyone, and she captures all remaining Bad Souls. Her power frightens other criminal mages. Revolutionary mages plan to take over the UK government. They kidnap Lahni to stop Jennifer from interfering. That backfires—the revolutionaries underestimate Jennifer’s and Lahni’s magic.

Jennifer and Lahni visit dying hospital patients to cheer them up and to study lifeforce and souls. Lahni and Jennifer transfer lifeforce from dying patients to ill patients. Jennifer spends time in the delivery room and discovers lifebinder, the substance that keeps lifeforce from drifting out of our bodies.

Jennifer and Lahni learn to read and send memories. Lahni retrieves memories of Sarah. Jennifer relives those memories without sadness. But, Jennifer screams when Sarah’s soul contacts Lahni. Jennifer knows Lahni will be hurt. Sarah describes a problem that will affect the survival of mankind. Fixing it requires sacrifices from Jennifer and greater sacrifices from Lahni. They have four months to prepare. Lahni must get pregnant to strengthen her soul. Jennifer secretly plans to go with Lahni, so she plans to get pregnant.

Prepubertal Lahni doesn’t believe she can get pregnant in four months. Romantic love is a better way to strengthen her soul, and she Jennifer to be her lover. Jennifer pretends that she is bisexual with a sixteen-year-old girlfriend.

Sarah contacts Lahni and Jennifer earlier than expected. The task changed. Jennifer will be of no help, so Lahni goes alone. Jennifer’s grief is severe, and she becomes a hermit. Only the life inside her keeps her from suicide.

Lahni contacts Jennifer five months later. The problem is fixed, but not in time to prevent a catastrophe with millions of deaths. The deaths will increase greatly if people don’t understand what will happen and blame enemies. Jennifer breaks into a BBC News show, outs herself as a mage, and explains the upcoming catastrophe. She helps prevent violence in reaction to the catastrophe and saves hundreds of thousands of lives. Lahni contacts Jennifer after the catastrophe and explains the cause. She takes a unique opportunity, but no one on earth will hear from her a

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