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If You're a Loser, Then Quit: Motivation For People Who Can't Afford to Give Up

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Motivation is both simple and complex. The definition itself is simple – the internal process and external factors that drive us toward a given goal. The ideas behind and the nuances within motivation, however, are complicated. There are professors out there who have spent years, endless hours researching and documenting motivation, trying to figure out what exactly it is that drives the human mind forward.

The reason you picked this book up is because you’re after something. There’s a goal in your sight, even if that goal is just to list everything you want to accomplish in life. No goal is too big or too small – you can, and should, work toward them all.

In this book, we will discuss motivation, how to fight the urge to give up and how to carry on even when the going gets tough.

This book will contain a real-life story of a close friend of mine, who we will call Joe. He recently crossed a finish line on a very important goal in his life, and I hope his story – as well as the rest of the content in this book – will help you press on.

Don’t be a loser! Don’t give up! In big ways and small, you have invested in yourself to push you toward a goal. Losing that time, that energy and everything you worked for just because the going gets tough is not an option.

You cannot afford to back down! We will help you keep running the race and keep fighting the good fight through this practical book. Read on, my friend, and be encouraged!

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