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Fallen (The Warriors of Kelenthor, #2)

134 pages2 hours


For the young space mechanic Lisa, helping the human race colonize the new planet of Kelenthor is her life purpose. But after a devastating gravity pulse strikes her floating city of Metropolis, she and the man she likes, Corden are roped into a citizen’s investigation over the attack.

At first, she takes the role with pride for Metropolis. But the more she explores the districts and the underground tunnels of her home city, the more the deep-running secrets surrounding the gravity pulse tear her innocence apart. But what hurts her most is figuring out how she can help the man she likes from pulling away.

Military trained stud and pilot General Corden has been Lisa’s strength during their short time together. So when he sees her distressed from the investigation, he decides he needs to be there for her. But when the investigation uncovers strange memories from his murky past, he fears he is not who he thinks he is. And that there is no choice but to keep himself from her.

Fallen: The Warriors of Kelenthor Book Two is a stand alone science fiction romance with a happy ending.

Intended for mature audiences only (18+).

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