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Josephine's Journals: Josephine's Journals, Book Three of the Sabine Series, #2

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Josephine wanted peace, but it is not available to her and according to her daughter, Sabine, she will not be able to rest until she completes the lessons she was meant to learn in her tumultuous life, the lessons she shunned, favoring drugs and alcohol to numb her overwhelming emotions. Facing her deepest fears and greatest gifts, according to Sabine, will be the only way for Josephine to move from her self-inflicted limbo.

Josephine watches, with introspection and irreverent humor, as Sabine reads journals, the diaries Josephine kept from childhood. Sabine is stunned by the diaries, revealing severe abuse, runaway experiences, murder, the reasons for Josephine’s irrational fears and dark moments of depression. Josephine’s spirit faces her misspent life, resolving to attempt to accept the lessons she missed. She observes as Sabine and June, the daughter she sent away at the age of seven, plan a holiday gathering to celebrate their own reunification.

Sabine seeks to understand the history of the infamous Dunn family through Josephine’s words and is surprised by the loss of innocence and neglect responsible for creating the dysfunctional adult, her mother, Josephine. The legacy belongs to the Dunn family and the story is Josephine’s, but Sabine seeks to chart a new future for the family with her surrogate mother, Emily, her best friend, Millie and her estranged sister, June. Ghosts, dreams, Josephine’s words and a divine coincidence reveal the identity of Sabine’s biological father, answering the deep yearning she has carried throughout her life. The journals identify Josephine’s spiritual struggle, but also force Sabine to consider her own spirit and those in the universe, even those she felt betrayed her in the past.

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