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What I did to Heal Gum Disease Naturally

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You have probably opened What I did to HEAL GUM DISEASE NATURALLY because you or someone in your life has a problem with your gums, as I once did. This little book summarises briefly and accurately how I nursed my gums back to excellent health.

On a routine oral health checkup, my dentist explained that I had developed periodontal disease, a bacterial infection which causes gaps between teeth-roots and surrounding gums. The condition is progressive, painless and unnoticeable until teeth loosen because of gum deterioration and eventually fall out. I was told that the condition was very hard to cure.

I resolved to find a natural cure and in this book I detail how I researched and planned my gum healing program. I include an accurate shopping list for the necessary healing equipment, then describe my cleansing method and some simple additional dental care techniques.

The book ends with the chart I used to track my dental healing progress and a blank sample chart is included for your use.

Nowadays my gums and teeth are clean, firm and healthy and my smile is radiant. I feel empowered by actively taking care of my own dental health. My simple and sensible technique has healed my periodontal problems and I share this information because I hope it will help you too.

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