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Jesus World's Greatest Story Teller (Parábolas De Jesús)

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This book deals with some of the parables Jesus told. These parables are for your time and not just for those who lived in the time of Jesus. The entire world loves stories, and that is why the television and the movies are so popular. As adults, you never outgrow the need to hear a good story, and Jesus knew how to get your attention by telling you stories called parables. They point the reader and the hearer to the kingdom of God, and Jesus used these parables as illustration to get his point across so that you will understand better what he is saying. These parables are not to be ignored, they will lead you straight to Jesus, who loves and cares for you. Learn them, study them, they are there to help on your journey through this life and transition you from your earthly home to your heavenly home.

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