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More Than a Dream

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Travel to passion with Kate Perry!
Book 1: More Than a Dream (A TTP San Francisco romance)
Book 2: Some Kind of Heaven (A TTP Maui romance)
Book 3: A Lot Like Love (A TTP London romance)

Accountant Bridget O'Neill has it all planned: work hard to make partner at her prestigious firm and then relax to enjoy life as a member of the executive team. Maybe get married and have some children with a man who'd support her career.
Only her plan falls apart when the boss’s lazy son-in-law is given the promotion she's slaved over. Shaken by the betrayal, Bridget throws caution to the wind and accepts a stranger’s invitation to visit San Francisco for a week.
Being wined and dined by Jake Ellington in such a foodie town is Bridget's dream-come-true. When her other dream—the promotion—unexpectedly falls onto her lap, Bridget is... not as thrilled as she should be. Does she take the job she's worked so hard to earn, or does she take a chance on a new life with a man she barely knows?

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