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Under the Raven's Wing

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Nicholas is a roguishly handsome nobleman who has been forced into privateering for King Charles II. Set in the 1600’s in England and the Caribbean. In the pirate fraternity he is known as the Black Raven, because of his raven black hair and the black mask he wears to cover the top half of his face. The Black Raven’s ship is a sleek and swift three masted Brigantine called the ‘Raven’.

Danielle is the beautiful, voluptuous and headstrong heroin who is rescued by the Black Raven in London, but circumstances force Danielle to sail to the Caribbean aboard the ‘Raven’. Soon the golden haired beauty and the dark handsome pirate set the Caribbean sizzling.

A ship in full sail watermarked in the background, with Nicholas and Danielle in the foreground in a passionate embrace. He slightly leaning forward she in his arms leaning back with her golden hair falling over his arm. Her amber eyes gazing longingly into his smouldering blue eyes.

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