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Nitwits, Nimrods and Nincompoops: Tales of the Befuddlingly Inane

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This book is about the clowns, the fools and the knuckleheads that can be found North to South and East to West. From a stolen Ronald McDonald in Taiwan to fantastic encounters of the crack head kind in Florida, you won't be at loss for ridiculous situations to judge and laugh at. Enjoy the comedy of human kind as it unfolds in one detestable event or other.

Follow Subalien42 through the various semi-true tales that take place in hovels all around the planet. See the traveler's world from a somewhat cynical point of view as one halfwit after another showcases their less than stellar mental process. You'll learn that Rastafarians are not the best with directions, religious fanatics take on new hairstyles in the name of their god, mystical Tai Chi teachers can make you cry and much much more.

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