The Now Machine

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The Now Machine

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The technology we've been waiting for is coming. A Russian art proffesor along with an american IT genius are creating the Now machine. This is the fifth book written by Eyal Schwartz, touching the boundries of fiction and human consciousness.
Together with Tama Goren a beautiful artist they explore the effects of the now machine on the brain.
This ebook contains music links, from the author's favourite music of 2015. He was listening to it while writing the book. The heroes of the plot are real people, and there are links to their facebook profile as well to other websites they are involved in.
As in his previous books, photographer Nitzan Kest, an urban Israeli artist, traveled to New York to shoot a black and white series.
The table of content follow the actual date & time when the book was written. Since it was wrtten by hand, there are snap shots of sketches Eyal was drawing while thinking of what to write next. It is another little step towards an interactive ebook. You can read, listen, surf the web and view art.

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