The Scorpion and the Knight

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The Scorpion and the Knight

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Length: 919 pages16 hours


Robert Simmonwood crouches back into the shadows in desperate search from the burning sun. Waiting in the sweltering heat of the desert for a messenger to meet him, Robert is agitated and impatient. Alone in this wasteland, away from his homeland of England and with only his horse for company, this was all part of his duty to serve the King of Arca throughout the Levant. This was an unstable area of the world, with conflicts in religion and a strong East-West divide, Robert's life is forever hanging on a thread of life or death.
Unknown to Robert, through certain actions of fate, he is to undertake the biggest challenge of all his missions and will find himself up against some of the most formidable and wicked characters of that time.

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