Trailblazers: Following the Path of Our Unsung Sisters

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Trailblazers: Following the Path of Our Unsung Sisters

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trāl blāzər: a person who forges a trail for others to follow through unsettled country or wilderness 

She did what? Their accounts are remarkable, at times shocking, occasionally gruesome, and sometimes quite tragic. They faced trials, overcame obstacles, suffered and struggled; yet they persevered and accomplished great things. The legacies of these oft-forgotten women of God live on in Scripture so that we might learn from their extraordinary examples. 

They were trailblazers! 

The women featured in this study walked a path according to God’s will and they were blessed. Throughout their stories, we see how they dealt with challenges, influenced others, demonstrated their faith, and provided leadership. They teach us that women are talented, tenacious, and invaluable in carrying out the Lord’s work. 

When we follow the trail blazed by our unsung sisters and learn from their unique characteristics that made them strong, we will discover how to use our own God-given abilities and learn to navigate the path to the Promised Land.

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