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Once Upon A Setup (Meet Cute Romance) - Kait Nolan

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Once Upon A Setup

A Wishful Meet Cute Romance

Kait Nolan

Once Upon A Setup

Written and published by Kait Nolan

Copyright 2015 Kait Nolan

Cover design by Kait Nolan

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. All people, places, and events are purely products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is entirely coincidental.


Once Upon A Setup

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Once Upon A Setup

A Wishful Meet Cute Romance

Myles Stewart had been driven by one, single aspiration since he was eight years old: Become Perry White. Upon the disappointing discovery that he could not, in fact, go work for The Daily Planet, he’d set his sights on The New York Times. The Chicago Tribune. The Boston Globe. His family had assumed he’d outgrow the desire and would fall in line with their expectations by the time he graduated college. They figured he’d tire of the life after he bounced from The Times-Picayune up to The Seattle Times, then over to The Philadelphia Daily News. But he never tired of the chase, of the quest to be the first in the know, of the pursuit of truth.

Then the bottom fell out of journalism. Every paper in the country experienced mass layoffs and downsizing. Realizing his days were probably numbered in Philly, Myles did something that baffled his big city colleagues. He came home to Mississippi and bought a struggling newspaper in a town where, his friends were convinced, absolutely nothing happened.

Did you hear about the police chase in Lawley last week?

No. What happened?

This guy stole an ambulance and led them on a high speed chase out of town. Got up to eighty-five miles an hour. While he was driving, he took his clothes off and tossed ’em right out the window. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but he ended up stopping at the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church and walking in during the service. He’s buck nekkid, remember? The police tased him right there in the center aisle and took him to the nut house. Read it in the paper this morning.

My Lord. What is the world coming to?

Myles smiled to himself. That one had been particularly entertaining to follow up on.

Okay. So The Wishful Observer wasn’t The Daily Planet. But unlike their metropolitan counterparts, small town newspapers were, according to some, still a viable market. So what if Warren Buffett couldn’t pull it off? He wasn’t a newspaperman. As owner/Editor-in-Chief, Myles intended to bring The Observer back from the brink, along with his whopping staff of three people, two of whom were part-time.

After two weeks on the job, Myles was willing to admit he might’ve bitten off a bit more than he’d meant to chew, but he loved nothing more than a challenge. Right now that challenge was rapidly immersing himself in the community in order to suss out his existing and potential audiences. So far that had meant multiple artery clogging breakfasts at Dinner Belles Cafe, where, praise God, he got his first properly cooked grits since he left for college.

Your usual, sugar. Bowl of grits, two biscuits, and bacon. The waitress slid the plate in front of him.

Myles offered her a broad smile, delighted that he’d graduated to having a usual. Thanks, Corinne.

Can I top off that coffee for you?

Sure can. She leaned over to fill his mug.

So what’s your story? he asked. In his two weeks coming in here, she’d been his waitress almost every day, and he’d formulated his own version of what he imagined her life was out of his observations. She worked in a greasy spoon, yet was painfully thin. A faint odor of cigarette smoke clung to her clothes. She was friendly with customers, downright flirtatious with the men, in a way that said she’d been used to male attention earlier in her life and expected it as her due. No rings. He was betting on former high school queen fallen on harder times. He wanted to know how much of it was right.

One carefully tweezed brow arched up. My story?

Sure. Everybody’s got one. What’s yours?

Oh, nothin’ that interesting.

Everybody’s interesting, Myles assured her.

You’ve got me beat on that one, Mr. Big City Reporter. Lived all over and ended up here. I can’t imagine why you’d want to do that.

I wanted a different life. And good grits. He spooned up a bite of his. Mmm.

Well, we do have those. You enjoy now. She headed off to check her other tables.

As he worked his way through the grits, Myles tuned in to the other conversations around him.

"Have you seen the new ER doctor?" The woman behind him almost purred it.

We have a new ER doc?

Dr. Chad Phillips. I had to take my grandmother in for chest pains—she was fine, by the way—and he was the one on duty. I swear, he could give me a breast exam any time.

Her companion snorted. I thought you said he was an ER doc.

They’re supposed to be well-rounded.

Myles wondered if he could get the good doctor to agree to a profile piece introducing him to the community. From