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Dead Man's Curve

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Greg, Billy, and Bobby were a wild bunch when they are together and had a thing for taking things to the limit, but their thrill-seeking days were about to come to a screeching halt when the three boys piled into Greg’s ’68 Camaro and decided to show their friends back at school that dead man’s curve isn’t such a dangerous curve after all and should not be called dead man’s curve.

As the three boys were heading to their final destination dead man’s curve Billy was handing out the beers to add to the excitement and couldn’t wait to laugh at their scared friends about how they sped around dead man’s curve and lived to tell about it. The road conditions weren’t in their favor because of the rain and wind making it hard for Greg to keep control of his car at all times. To make matters worse a black car appeared out of nowhere with its headlights too bright for Greg to see where he was going around dead man’s curve. Greg and his friends were pumped up ready to make that deadly turn around dead man’s curve and return back to school the next morning to make a laughing stock of his scared classmates, but that would not be the case at all.

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