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Alien Invasion

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Space exploration went just a little too far in the cosmos that started an alien invasion. A manned spacecraft called The Cosmos from the US that uses anti-matter as its fuel source went off course into another galaxy and crash landed on a planet called Xenon where hostile aliens lived. The two astronauts survived the crash landing but their spaceship was too damaged to make a successful flight back to earth so there hopes for every returning back to earth were slim to none at this point unless alien life on this planet would offer any hope for the two astronauts a way back to their planet.
As the two astronauts exited their spaceship in search of help on this unknown alien planet their sigh of relief was just yards away because two aliens were heading in their direction. The two astronauts were smiling and trying to communicate the best they could but the aliens didn’t care about what these two astronauts had to say they just wanted them off their planet and if it meant killing them so be it. The two aliens looked at each other and said something in their language and turned to the two astronauts and spoke in English to them saying “What planet are you from?” One of the astronauts said “Planet Earth.” One of the aliens said “We need to know your coordinates so we can get you both back to your planet.” The two aliens followed the two astronauts back to their spaceship and gave the aliens the coordinates to Earth. Then as the two aliens and astronauts left the spacecraft one of the aliens said “You both won’t need your spacecraft anymore.” and pointed a silver rod at the spacecraft and it vanished into thin air.

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