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Don't Look Back!

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We’ve all heard this before when you’re running for your life part of you tells your mind to look back, but in the back of your mind those precious seconds of looking back could cost you your life, but being a human instinct to look back we just can’t help ourselves. Here’s where the story begins legend has it that a man by the name of Luther Jackson was beheaded for terrorizing the townspeople of Deadmore. The reason Luther’s head got the axe was because he liked to sneak up on people and scare them and also run their cars off the road. Luther didn’t care what the townspeople thought of his bad behavior. The townspeople were afraid to walk alone during the day and night because he would chase them through the town with either a knife or gun and Luther wasn’t afraid to use either of them to scare the hell out of them. Luther’s scare tactics finally caught up with him when he set a house on fire killing the whole family while they slept.

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