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A Grave Mistake

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Even though we are warned not to do something we do it anyway regardless if the consequences could be fatal. This is exactly what happened to Jimmy and his friends at an old abandoned cemetery. Jimmy and his two friends Steven and Billy decided to camp out at this cemetery with no knowledge of its past.
As night fell and the boys were exploring the cemetery they came across a tombstone with writing on it that read “whosoever reads these words will not see daylight.” Jimmy said “I’m not going to read that out loud and take a chance this isn’t a bunch of hogwash.” “What are you chicken?” Billy and Steven were making chicken noises and laughing hysterically at Jimmy.
“Ok, I’ll read the words and let’s get this straight I’m not chicken!” exclaimed Jimmy.
Jimmy read the words aloud so his friends could hear them. After Jimmy read the words whoever was buried in this grave rose up straight out of the ground and the boys froze in fear

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