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The Black Widow

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Samantha Stone never had chance to really mature into a beautiful woman because of her looks that she was born in the eyes of a man’s world. Samantha’s beauty was not earth shattering even though her mother said she was beautiful just the way she is. Samantha stood six feet tall with matted hair and brown eyes. It’s a shame her hopes and dreams of becoming a model someday would be shattered before she fully grown up as a woman. Every man that gazed upon her was not in a respectful way. After years of disappointing relationships Samantha snapped and decided these lustful dogs would pay dearly for not treating her as any woman would want to be treated.
Samantha always confided in her best friend Sarah to help her get through her rough times. One night as Samantha was crying on Sarah’s shoulder Sarah chimed in and said “I’m sick and tired of the way these dogs (men) are treating you, so being the friend that I am who loves and cares about you, I want you to call this woman who can help you. Her name is Gilda and yes she is a Witch, but if any one person in this world can help you she can. Yes, I too said the same thing about why would I call upon a Witch to solve my problems. I feel like I can conquer anything that stands in my way thanks to Gilda the Witch, so please give her a call?” “Thank you so much Sarah, you are a true friend and don’t worry you have my promise that I will call her in the morning,” said Samantha in a confident voice.
Morning came and Samantha contacted Gilda by phone to seek revenge on her tormentors.

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