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Animals At Christmas

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Inside four original Christmas poems all staring soft and cuddly baby animals await you. Make sure to wrap up in a blanket by the fire as you begin to fall in love with a picky little kitten who likes her gifts to look perfect, a hyper little puppy that simple cannot settle down for bed, a happy hopping bunny that learns the joys of sharing, and an itty bitty mouse that learns to appreciate all that his parents provide for him. These short, simple to read poems will fill anyone with the Christmas spirit with their good messages, lovable characters, and feel good endings.

There once was a little white cat.
She loved Christmas, there’s No question bout’ that.
She liked very much her tall Christmas tree
With presents as far as the eye could see.
She loved all her gifts sitting neat in a row.
She loved all her gifts topped with a colorful bow.
Reds, Greens and purples, Silvers and Gold
Wrapped up the boxes with paper so bold.
The white cat named Minnie looked on in awe
At all of the boxes and bags that she saw.
But was Minnie happy? No not one bit,
Because only one present is all she will get.

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