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Seeing Ione

Length: 202 pages1 hour


Among the vast open spaces of rural Wyoming, a young woman with a supernatural gift is hidden in plain sight. At least, that was the plan. Everything changes when Ione McCreery’s adoptive father dies.

Struggling in the aftermath of his death, Ione unearths secrets about her past. Her discoveries place her in Adric Silverman’s path, a man she finds alarming—and compelling.

Ione’s gift of second sight allows her to see a world of emotions painted in color. It also reveals Adric is a connection to her surreptitious past. When a string of murders takes place, Adric introduces Ione to a clandestine subculture of the supernaturally gifted where Ione is recruited to use her gift to help solve the killings.

Ione must learn how to use her second sight to save the people she loves, even if it means killing herself in the process.

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