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Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal

Length: 126 pages1 hour


Lucas Lightfoot considers himself to be a regular boy like any other ten year old. He yearns to be the hero like those in the books he reads. His quiet life changes when he finds a chameleon on the sidewalk. Lucas discovers he was chosen by Prescott, this mysterious and magical lizard. Lucas is taught powerful secrets that go way beyond the magic any young boy would love to have. He realizes that with this power, he can change the relationship with a special girl in his class and maybe change the class bully. But if this secret falls into the wrong hands, it could destroy his family and everyone he loves. Lucas must learn to control this new power with both his head and his heart.

Lucas is surprised to be the accidental hero for the bully. His biggest challenge comes when he must face his greatest fear to save the life of a friend and a helpless stranger. Prescott helps Lucas learn just how strong he really can be when being strong is his only choice. The more he uses this power, the more he realizes the greatest change is the one taking place within him.

There has never been another with the birthright before Lucas and he must be protected from the enemy until he develops the power within to fight the forces that would destroy him. Lucas wonders why he was chosen to have this gift and if he will have the courage to meet the challenges on the path before him.

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