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Awakening With Ayahuasca: A Conversation About Energy Healing, Shamanism And A Spiritual Quest

Length: 63 pages51 minutes


In “Awakening with Ayahuasca” energy therapist and healer Alicia Benova speaks about her spiritual journey. Born in Eastern Europe, Alicia had to contend with personal pain and hardship which tested the limits of her endurance and led to her involvement with energy therapy. Driven by anguish to the far reaches of the Amazon, Alicia travelled across continents in hope of healing her wounds. Her quest culminated deep in the Peruvian jungle in her life-changing encounters with ayahuasca and shamanism. In the process of narrating her story, Alicia touches on topics and questions that will be of interest to those who contemplate exploring shamanic healing and the sacred ancient medicine of ayahuasca.

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