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The Affair with Mr. X: Part II

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In spite of her frequent thoughts of her former lover, Xavier, for the most part Lenae thought her reconciliation with her husband, John, was going pretty well – even though he had withdrawn from the physical side of their relationship when she told him about her affair.

 They had been back in the same house -- and in the same bed for about a month and a half -- but had only made love once. It bothered her, because it made her feel undesired, which is why she thought of Xavier so often.

Unlike her husband who’d rebuffed her at every turn, Xavier had made no secret of not only his physical attraction for her ... but he desired her emotionally as well. He’d once said, “There’s more going on here than just sex Lenae. I recognize it, and I know you do too.” Against her will, she relived the memory, crossing her legs to ward off the ache between them that had been left so empty for far too long.

Xavier traced his tongue along Lenae’s collarbone. Who knew that that could be an erogenous zone, she thought. A sudden rush of blood streamed through her entire body, which was still very sensitive to their all-too-recent lovemaking.

Lenae gripped Xavier’s smooth, bulging bicep, her lips lapping at the only part of him she could fully feast on at that moment.

He ignored her pleas for the ultimate release, continuing to work his way down her vibrating frame, finally landing at the top of her most precious treasure.

Lenae sucked in a breath and grabbed at his shoulders, willing him to put her out of her misery by latching on to some part of her; that part of her. She almost screamed out in ectasy, but swallowed it. Her best friend and her lover’s brother were in the room right next door. They couldn’t know.

 "I assure you, you are pregnant. You’re about 7 weeks along," the doctor explained patiently.

The rest of the doctor’s words rushed over Lenae in a jumbled murmur of background noise – as if the she was taking in slow motion and Lenae was an outside observer.

Seven weeks along, the phrase reverberated in her head.

"That meant ..." She couldn’t bring herself to fully form the thought.

Dear God, just when her marriage was getting back on track, she might be pregnant with another man’s child. Would her husband ever forgive her for this, or would it mean the end of her marriage? And what of Xavier? How was he going to react if he was the father?

Lenae covered her face in her hands. ... How could this happen? How could she let this happen ... and what did it mean for her future, and with which man?

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