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Taken By An Alpha – 6 Erotic Short Stories

Length: 110 pages1 hour


Taken By An Alpha – 6 Erotic Short Stories

Total word count 28,718.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.


Aiden thought he did not care for love, until he met Jessica!

The first time he laid his eyes upon her, he was completely besotted, and after they made love, he knew that he would only truly be satisfied once he possessed all of her—mind, body, and soul!

 But Aiden suspects that Jessica harbors a secret that stops her from opening up completely to him and which threatens their love.

Aiden is determined to find out what this secret is, for Jessica is his and he will not allow anything to break them apart.

Taken by the Alpha Billionaire

Chloe is on a mission to prove that she is sexy and desirable when she embarks on a night of hot passion with Ryan Fisher, the billionaire playboy.

It seems her plan went a little too well! For Ryan has no intention of letting her just walk away from his life after what they have shared.

The Billionaire’s Personal Assistant

Louise has committed the ultimate career sin; she has fallen in love with her billionaire playboy boss Dean York!

Realising her big mistake and finding it unbearable to be around Dean any longer without giving her true feelings away Louise attempts to escape from him.

However, she had not foreseen one big problem to her plan, that Dean has no intention of letting her walk out of his life. And he is determined to wickedly show her just how much they need each other!

The Billionaire’s Desire

Sonya knows little about Christopher Sullivan when she embarks on a night of passion with him. Only to find out later when they unexpectedly cross paths again that he is no other than her billionaire new boss.

And if she thinks she can go unnoticed by him she has to think again! For Christopher has deliberately tracked her down and is determined for Sonya and himself to pick up where they left off. Leaving Sonya battling to resist her strong attraction to Christopher, the man who is used to getting what he always wants!

Rebound Lover

Lucy is not looking for anything serious after suffering a bad break up from her ex-boyfriend Roger, who has made her feel distrustful of men.

So when she embarks on a steamy relationship with the very sexy Calvin Jones her expectations are only of experiencing some fun company and hot sex!

But she is taken by surprise later when details of Calvin’s wealthy identity become clearer to her. Furthermore, she finds that he is not satisfied to merely play the part of her rebound lover. No, he wants so much more from Lucy…more than Lucy initially wanted to give another man. It leaves her with a dilemma as she finds herself drawn powerfully to Calvin but at the same time battling to get rid of her past hurt.


Vincent feels a mixture of emotions when he tracks down Theresa, his former lover, but one thing is clear to him, that he wants her badly, as he always has!

But if he thinks that they are going to just start their relationships from where they left off, he will be disappointed.

For in order for both Theresa and Vincent to move on with their lives, they will have to let go of the pain and baggage of their pasts and be lead by the passion and desire that they feel for each other.

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