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Whisper Filthy Things Whilst I Manually Stimulate You in the Park

Length: 20 pages15 minutes


Jonathan and Tabitha Pemberton are enjoying a brisk, Autumn day in the park, when they stop to rest and warm Tabitha's poor, gloveless hands in Jonathan's coat. Tabitha finds the simple act of observing the local waterfowl to be boring, and decides it would be much more fun to secretly wank off her husband in public.

The couple have a thrilling, and erotic, morning, but their actions don't remain secret for long. What do they do when their filthy deeds are discovered? Continue unabated of course.


“Jonathan! Tabitha! How lovely to see you here!”

Jonathan came to his senses and looked around to see who had spoken. He felt his blood (a great deal of which had been concentrated in his manhood) suddenly rush to his face as he saw the pastor’s wife, Muriel. She was quite a bit younger than one would typically imagine the wife of a pastor to be, though she possessed the dull, conservative disposition of one much older.

“Oh, what a wonderful surprise!” said Tabitha, cheerfully.

“Are you two enjoying the beautiful day our Lord has given us?” asked Muriel.

“Yes, indeed,” replied Tabitha. She not only continued to stroke Jonathan’s throbbing member, but actually began to stroke faster. “We are enjoying it quite a lot. Though I think Jonathan may be enjoying it even more than I am.”

“Is that so, Jonathan?” questioned Muriel.

“Oh, um...yes, well, you see,” Jonathan’s mind raced for something to say, but his head had gone completely empty. He stared blankly into the eyes of the pastor’s wife whilst enjoying the achingly sweet sensation of his wife’s fingertips massaging the head of his prong.

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